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What do you know about Your Ancestors?

Let Me tell You!

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Sandra Ashton

Professional Genealogist

Let Me Bring YOU  Genealogy JOY!







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"First I joined a few search sites but it was thoroughly confusing and I felt like I just 

**wasted a couple of hundred dollars &

several months of my time. **

I didn’t think I could afford a Professional but I searched for  "How to Hire a Genealogist" and  saw the ad for an    

                 “Affordable Professional Genealogist” 

and thought I’d call.

Sandra was awesome!"

Donnell P, Spartanburg South Carolina

Makes an Excellent Gift!

Why  Go  With  a  Pro?

Read Below to Learn  


Family Tree research  is Often  confusing   AND   expensive

 At Family Tree Specialist LLC  Sandra will  alleviate  your  burden  by  doing the  research and  reports all

at  a  fraction of  the  cost  and  time   of  doing  it  yourself. 


 Forget the  subscriptions  to the many  expensive  research sites and the 

*Agonizing Hours* 

of learning how to use each one.


 Call Sandra right now and have an expert do it for you. 

 It’s Easier & far LESS expensive than you think!




THRU 30 NOV 2022 ONLY!!**

SAVE 33%


Don't Miss Out on this 





*It’s  a  lot  Easier 

(and **Far Less Expensive**) 

than you may think!

1. Simply Call or email with your Family/Ancestors’ information.

2. Decide on the number of hours you would like your Family Researched.

3. An Invoice will be sent to your email address that can be paid by *Any Major Credit Card, *PayPal, *VENMO, *ZELLE or *Check/Money Order.

4. Allow from 2 – 5+ weeks for turn-around.

**Call at any time for updates.

5. You will receive a Beautiful, Detailed Narrative Report in an e-booklet format along with Pedigree Charts.



The lives of your Ancestors will be described to you with as much detail that can be found in the # of hours for which you have contracted.

*Birth Records

*Marriage Records

*Death Records



*News Articles


*Copies of all Certificates  found and

 - YES  -  

even occasionally -  

*photographs of 


their headstones, 

their homes or farms


charts, etc.

I put 110% in to Your family as if it was my own.

I want this to be a success just as much as you do!


I’m available to speak to you by phone 7-days a week, 10am-8pm EST.

This is my Passion and I’m happy to share it with you! 

*Please read through the rest of this page, to the bottom, to read about Guarantee & Financial Assistance.


Affordable Family Trees

Family Tree Research & 

Family History Ancestry Research Service

View  Video Below - Learn More about FTS and why Hiring Sandra will be the Wisest Decision You Will Make on Your Ancestry Path. 

Use this  CONTACT ME   Form here for an Easy Way to reach out to Sandra. Be sure to leave your PHONE NUMBER, Time Zone, and convenient times to call you back. Or just leave your email address with message and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.                                      

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*5-STAR-Rated GOOGLE - Facebook - Yelp


"If I could give Sandra 10 Stars I would! ..." Beth M., Washington


"I didn’t think I could afford a Professional but I saw the ad for an 

“Affordable Professional Genealogist” and thought I’d call.

Sandra was awesome!"

Donnell P.  Spartanburg, South Carolina



 VIDEO - The JOY in Genealogy DETAILS!  

Sandra visits Great Grandmother, Elzbieta  Kichute

What Tragedies Did She Endure??

Watch Video to find out! 


DONNELL P.,  South Carolina,  Story -

~Because I’m of   African American descent  I was always curious about my ancestry, but didn’t think it would be worthwhile to pursue the task – I thought there would not be a lot to find.

~I was shocked when Sandra informed me that my 4th Great Grandfather was *MARRIED with Children*

in the *1860* Census!   I thought for sure he’d have been enslaved.

~First I joined a few search sites but it was thoroughly  confusing and I felt like I just **wasted a couple of hundred dollars and several months of my time. **

~I didn’t think I could afford a Professional but I saw the ad for an Affordable Professional Genealogist” and thought I’d call.

~Sandra was awesome!

She listened as I explained my complicated situation

(with some great grandmothers having different fathers for their babies, etc.)

I decided to hire her right then and the process went so smoothly.

She was able to untangle some messes which I later clarified through DNA matches.

~She gave me small details which made it possible for me to imagine my ancestor’s lives.

One, as she showed me on the Census record, worked in “Turpentin.”

I didn’t know anything about that and she gave me a 2 page report on what it was, along with pictures of people working the trees.

**It really made it come alive.

~I have **No Regrets** on the money I paid to Sandra.

~~I wish I saw her ad **first** before I wasted my time and money trying to do it myself.

***Don’t wait if you are thinking about using her services. ****

~Just do it and save yourself time, aggravation and money!

Donnell P.  Spartanburg, SC

Call NOW for a 


908-414-1850 EST




You’ve longed for Your  FAMILY TREE  for a while now…

*Maybe you don’t know much about Researching Your Family Tree 

- or - you don’t have the 

*Time or $-*Resources-$ for Multiple Subscriptions to the many ancestry Research sites.

*Maybe you are  

*Frustrated  &  *Overwhelmed  

because you Don’t Know How to 'Put it all together'  when trying to Discover Your Heritage...


*If you have never filled in a    Pedigree Chart  or  Family Group Record   (or don’t even know what they are)

FAMILY TREE SPECIALIST LLC  will  relieve  you  of  that  Stress.

We  make  discovering  your  roots  Easier.


*While you continue with your everyday life we  will  do  the  Research,  Fill in the  Charts  and write  your   Family History Reports.

*You can relax, anticipating a Wonderful FAMILY TREE in a matter of weeks –  


 An experienced  Professional  Genealogist  with  30+ Years’ Experience  is doing  the hard work  for  you.

*Now You have the PEACE of Knowing Who Your Ancestors Were – 

*Now You have something Wonderful to Pass down to Your Children & Grandchildren.


*Don’t Delay – Contact Family Tree Specialist NOW by e-mail or phone.  Click Below!

[Read through bottom of page for important information regarding FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE & GUARANTEE]


Call NOW for a   FREE -  No-Obligation Consultation

(908) 414-1850 EST


***** 5 - Star Google Review 

Betsy Chapman, Arkansas - 2021

I was curious to find out when my ancestors came over to the US and from where. 

Sandra did such an amazing job     

            I was so happy with the report she gave me and the work she did that   I decided to hire her again to look into the other side of my family tree.

She's super easy to work with and gets just as excited about what she finds for you as you will!

I cannot recommend this website enough!

Betsy Chapman, Arkansas


***** 5 - Star Review

Lea Berson, Washington D.C.

“Sandra Ashton has been remarkably fast and inexpensive in her search of my family’s genealogy.

 I have tried to trace the family tree myself for over twenty years without much success, and she provided me with ten generations of ancestors in only a few weeks time. 

It has been a fascinating historical experience for our family and we are deeply grateful for her professionalism and help.” 

Lea Berson. Washington D.C.



*Please Continue Reading to the End of Page  for Important Information on 

  Guarantee Financial Assistance.


Call us 

10am-8pm EST, 7-days 

 and we will begin this Exciting & Rewarding Journey Now!



Take Advantage of Our Incredible SPECIAL OFFER & Save Even More -


(Regular Rate - $47 - CURRENT SPECIAL Save  33%

Now just $30 per hour!                                   [LIMITED TIME!]



Get Your Paperwork Submitted TODAY!

Avoid the Headache, EXPENSE & Hassle of the:

  • Time-Consuming
  • Frustrating &
  • Expensive Search for Your Ancestors. Let Sandra - The Genealogy Genie 

at Family Tree Specialist LLC do it for you!

Buying memberships for the many ancestry service sites is very **expensive  and learning to use each one is downright Maddening.

We will research your Family Tree for a   

~Fraction of that Cost~   

and will get the work done in a  

~Fraction of the Time~! 


Sandra has over *34-years* of experience & education and has written two Family History books.

Whether you just want to fill in names and dates on a Pedigree Chart, or if you want a more Contextual Exploration of your family history, contact us through phone or email or CONTACT FORM  [below]  and we can begin this exciting and rewarding journey right now.  



908-414-1850 EST


A Favorite & Satisfied Client

Read Sandra's REVIEWS

"Dear Sandra,

I am completely and profoundly grateful for helping 

connect the dots and pieces

of my family history. This has been a long journey for me I never though I would be able to find the written documentation necessary to trace my family tree. 

 By the Grace of God I found you and I am forever grateful for all your hard work and dedication in helping me achieve such a dream.

God Bless,

June T.

Stroudsburg, PA


It's easier than you think.

Just tell us what you know, then we'll tell you the rest!


**Cost for just some of the top ancestry sites:

  • Ancestry. com -        $469/yr
  • My Heritage -            $350/yr
  • Find My Past -           $180/yr
  • Newspapers. com -   $199/yr
  • Geaneanet -               $119/yr
  • American Ancestor - $119/yr
  • Genealogy Bank -      $84/yr
  • News Library -           $199
  • GeniPro -                    $119/yr
  • Fold3 -                        $80/yr
  • and others ...


Just purchasing *some memberships is well over *$1,500* and unless you are very seasoned in understanding each site, it will take many, many hours just to learn how to use each one's Confusing search features.

Add to that the  Countless  & Confusing  hours of searching for your ancestors and you have a Big Headache and a lot Less Money.

While other genealogist and research services charge much more and take much longer, FAMILY TREE SPECIALIST LLC will do a thorough job in the most reasonable amount of time.                               

We schedule jobs as they arrive and work expeditiously and accurately for each client.

We have been doing this for over 34+ years. It is our passion and we're happy to share it with you!  

Family Tree Specialist LLC will trace Your Family Tree in

4 *Easy* Steps!

Go to

Click HERE to Get to the

'Lets Get Started Page'

We accept all

  • Major Credit Cards
  • PayPal
  • Zelle
  • Check/money order

[Payment through CREDIT CARD  or  PayPal  can be accepted on the ** LETS GET STARTED PAGE **- Midway Down.  OR email or  Call  to Request an INVOICE  to be emailed to you.

Call or email for VENMO or ZELLE information.]

a MOST Satisfied Client

One of Countless MANY!

Here I'm Receiving Paperwork from Client June Ellen  T. that she wanted to be Included with her Extensive Project.

Please  Continue  Reading  to  the  End  of  Page -  Important Information on Guarantee  &  Financial Assistance 


Contact Family Tree Specialist LLC TODAY and secure your ancestry project in line, even if you only have a little information. We can always work with less information than you think.

Order your Family Tree Project Today.

Contacting us  TODAY  secures your place in our queue.



Susan's Success Story

I came across the ad for genealogy by chance. Attempting to investigate my genealogy has always been on my bucket list except I had very little information and was afraid it was a waste of time and money. 

I took the leap of faith and I couldn't be happier. I found Sandra to be reasonable, professional, and kept her time commitment. 

If your hesitating, don't, it was well worth it. Thank you Sandra. 

 Susan Hall,  - Oakland, CA



Maria's Marvel

I was searching for an affordable genealogist when I came across Sandra Ashton's research service. 

This was an excellent find for me, as she was able to trace my grandmother's side in which I had been hitting many brick walls for years. 

She provided me with many generations of ancestors, along with backup documentation. I am so grateful for her efforts and her rates are so reasonable. She gets my highest recommendations!

Maria M. - Woodbridge, NJ 

Sandra Ashton;   IAPCC - Genealogy, B.A. Psychology & Education - Kean University

Researching Family History since 1979; Author of two Family History Books

Your Roots Only Go Down So Far, But Your Branches Spread out Forever!


CONTACT US FORM:   Reach  Out  to  Sandra  NOW!  

If you feel you are ready to Get Started or if you have more questions, I'd love to hear from You! 

Fill in your contact information and I will get back to you ASAP  (usually less than 48 hours). 

 Please let me know how you want to be contacted back.  If other than email, leave your phone number with Area Code, TIME ZONE and best times to call you.

It's Time!  Let's Begin!

Please Continue reading Below to learn more about Family Tree Specialist  SANDRA and what we offer YOU.


() () () - We have been having Difficulty with this CONTACT FORM.  If you do NOT HEAR BACK from Sandra in 48 Hours, send an email to:  [email protected] or  give us a Phone CALL at (908) 414-1850. 

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~ 908-414-1850


**A FAMILY TREE Makes an Excellent Gift!**

For *Anniversaries 





*Just-Because Days!



Gift is Needed 

Sample e-Booklet


Great Gift!


Don't Delay! Start Climbing Your Tree TODAY!

Learning about your family history is fun and exciting - and can also be 

* very time-consuming

* expensive, 

confusing and 

often frustrating! 

This is where we will step in to lighten your load and find the ancestors you never knew you had.

With over 30 years of experience I feel confident that we can help you discover more about your roots.

Our rates are very affordable -SEE SPECIAL - . Excessive print-outs, copies & postage are extra.  

**READ to Bottom for Financial Assistance Information.


We try hard to provide our clients with more than just statistics on dates and places. We try to piece together history so they may make sense of their ancestors' lives:

*Did your great-great grandfather fight in any of the wars?   

*How were they doing financially in that time period?    

*What were their occupations?     

*They had HOW many children?!          



Click Here to: See ***Success Stories*** Page for Testimonials &

check  our  *5 STAR GOOGLE/YELP  & Facebook REVIEWS


Free Genealogy Consultations are always available


NOTE:   **While I have had very many great successes, there is never a guarantee that your particular ancestors can be found. 

Census takers sometimes missed people, courthouses and Parishes were burned, and in some areas, records were just not kept. 

I  will do my best to find out what I can about your Family Tree. However, research into your Tree is based on hours worked and payment is due regardless. You will find my rates extremely reasonable (SEE SPECIAL) 


This is one of the most exciting journeys you will ever take! Finding out who makes up YOU is a one-of-a-kind thrill.                               We're  happy to help you on your way!


Please keep in mind:

Federal censuses are mostly reliable but vary depending on the knowledge of the informant and the care of the census enumerator. Information may have been given to a census taker by  *any member of the family or  even by a neighbor.*   


Some information may have been  *incorrect or  even deliberately falsified.*  Some people may have changed  their age so they could get married,  participate in or avoid the military , vanity, etc.  It's not uncommon to see women shave a decade or more off their age from their first  census til their last.  Marriage information  could be  falsified to  make a baby  appear  legitimate.

Census takers missed people, misheard people and were sometimes just not thorough. This can present some challenges.

Ancestors could also prove difficult - In one census they may have used their given name, and in the next one used a nickname, middle name  or a different spelling. 

While these issues bring challenges, I have been doing this since 1979 and have decades of experience to  work through such issues.


Call or Write NOW to see how we can help you!  

CLICK HERE TO    Learn about Us:  



**Times are tough right now for many.  If you don't have the financial resources,  we will work something out with you if at all possible.   As stated, this is my passion and I want to help as many people feel the joy I feel when I discover more about my ancestry.  

I set aside a limited number of hours each week  to work at a reduced rate to help people who cannot afford the full fee. 

Contact me and I will see what we can do to help you - this is especially for Students and Seniors on a fixed  income.  


PLEASE UNDERSTAND - you are Not buying a straightforward product -

For a variety of reasons -

(Records may be lost, destroyed, not kept, privacy laws and other restrictions), -

the answers are legitimately not available despite a genealogists’ best efforts.

Rather than a guarantee of certain information, you’re getting a Guarantee that a genealogist will use paid time effectively and search for information in the best way possible.

I cannot guarantee you that I will be able to provide you with a perfect pedigree chart or with dozens of ancestors, - 

but I   DO Guarantee   you that I will put my Whole Heart   into YOUR   Family so YOU can have the same feeling I get when I discover something about my Heritage.

 I want this to be successful as much as you do.

 Genealogy is my Joy!


Click Here to Read the FAQs and Learn How Sandra Will Help YOU Find GENEALOGY JOY!


Click Here to Read  SUCCESS STORIES of the MANY We Have Led to GENEALOGY JOY


CLICK HERE TO EMAIL US NOW & Get Your ??'s Answered - OR -- Use "CONTACT US" Form Above

CLICK HERE TO CALL  - 908-414-1850 & Speak Directly with Sandra About YOUR Family


CLICK HERE to Read Our *B L O G * and Learn About Our Experience & Motivation

MOST RECENT BLOG ENTRY - Read Blog Page for Past Posts

At What Age did YOU get Bitten by the Genealogy Bug?

Sadly, one of my most Favorite Genealogy Clients just passed away.

Michael was a kind gentleman in his upper 60’s who, as a younger man, had no interest in his Ancestry.

Suddenly, in his mid-60’s it became very important and he sought out the services of a

~Professional Genealogist. ~

He was discouraged by the prices he was getting and was about to give up, but then he saw my Ad – an


with over 30 Years of Experience.


We hit it off immediately and I began his

*Family Tree/*Ancestry Research & Report.

Here below is his REVIEW of my service.


~If you too would like a 5-STAR Family Tree, contact me at

(908) 414-1850 EST

Currently I’m running a 33% discount, making it just

$30 per Hour (reg. $47).





Here’s what Michael had to say about the service I provided to him:

**** “Between the time of my dad's passing in 1982 and then my mom in 2015 I was not really interested in family tree stuff. Now at age 66 I became interested, but had no one to ask.

I didn't know much, but I found Sandra by searching google.

I was discouraged when I saw the prices of some of the other genealogist services and when I saw Sandra's prices I was a bit hesitant, not sure I would get good service.

I was so wrong. It worked out great!

I only knew that my dad died in the early 80's and I knew his parent's names. That was it.

I was stunned with what Sandra was able to find with just that little bit of information.

I thought I was all Irish, but Sandra found that we were also Scott and English showing me the ship records and all of when my ancestors came to America in the mid 1800's.

She gave me many print-outs of the records and even put some parts in 'story form' so I could understand it better.

I really appreciated her going above and beyond.

My family fought in the Civil War. She gave me copies of their pension applications - how cool.

Sandra is the way to go”! Michael M.


This Special Discount Won’t Last Long! CALL RIGHT NOW!

Call (908) 414-1850 EST


Sandra was so easy to work with.  She filled in my Pedigree Chart with many ancestors.  I'm very happy I found her.  I really recommend her service.

Charles E.

Retired Business Owner

My mom always wanted to know about her family history but never got the time to do it.  When she was diagnosed with a serious heart condition my siblings and I got serious about it and hired Sandra.  We're really glad we did.  It was something we could afford and my mother loves it

Bill B.

Computer technician

I tried for quite a while before I gave up and started looking for a Professional Genealogist.  I thought the cost was too prohibitive, but then I came across Sandra at Genealogy Genies.  She did more than just give me names and dates - she gave me information on my ancestors that made it so much more enjoyable.  I will definitely be using her again to do my husband's side of the family for his 75th Birthday!  

Patty Ann C.

Retired  retail manager