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by Family Tree Specialist LLC

affordable genealogy

What do you know about Your Ancestors?

Let Me tell You!

Call NOW to Begin YOUR  

Family History Journey

Affordable Professional Genealogist

Sandra Ashton - Member APGEN

Professional Genealogist

Black Genealgoy

Your Ancestry





Let Me Bring YOU  Genealogy JOY!

Professional Genealogist

Certificate of Genealogy Studies; IAPCC

Over 30+ Years Experience

Henry Gates Jr finding your roots genealogy


Read below to learn How to Hire a Professional Genealogist





Family Tree Gift







“It was like having a





(908) 414-1850



SAVE 25%

Through APRIL 30TH 2023 ONLY!


That's Only $35!

(regular $47)


Read Below to Learn:


Ancestry Research

Your Ancestry Questions


Professional Genealogist




*It’s a lot Easier

(and **Less Expensive**)

than you may think!

1. Simply Call or email with your Family/Ancestors’ information.

2. Decide on the number of hours you would like your Family Researched.

3. An Invoice will be sent to your email address that can be paid by *Any Major Credit Card, *PayPal, *VENMO, *ZELLE or *Check/Money Order.

4. Allow from 2 – 5+ weeks for turn-around.

**Call at any time for updates.

5. You will receive a Beautiful, Detailed Narrative Report in an e-booklet format along with Pedigree Charts.


The lives of your Ancestors will be described to you with as much detail that can be found in the # of hours for which you have contracted.

*Birth Records

*Marriage Records                       

*Death Records



*News Articles


*Copies of all Certificates found and

- YES -

even occasionally -

**photographs of


their headstones,

their homes or farms

maps, etc.

I put 110% in to Your family as if it was my own.

***I want this to be a Success just as much as you do!***


"Sweet Sandra – THANK YOU! – a Gazillion Times Over – I am Blown Away. 

 My booklet Far Exceeded my expectations!" 👏


You saved me YEARS of time that I would have spent trying to get this information –

and I never would have been able to get it in this *easy-to-follow* format.



"I never expected anything like this!


I can’t believe my great-great grandfather was an integral part of US History – that he was a decorated officer in the war.


I would have died not knowing this information if it was not for the excellence in your *thorough genealogy research.*


I am so grateful for both of the photos of my Great Grandmother.

I can see my daughter’s resemblance to her.

I often wondered what my ancestors looked like – and now I have something to go on. 💜


With my ancestors being far flung around the country, there is no way I’d be able to visit their gravesites. Now I feel like I have visited thanks to all of the pictures you sent of their headstones.


And to see the churches where some were baptized or married – JUST WOW!


I had no idea my Great Grandfather owned a Wagon Business. I never would have known the Family History if you hadn’t sent me the advertisement for it in his local newspaper.


You have weaved a story so tight that I feel like I literally KNOW these family members.


I can imagine what their lives were like.


While I’m grateful you provided me with dates and locations, I am

**more grateful for the details.**



And your presentation in the Ancestry e-Book was fantastic – 👏

**so easy to follow! ** 💜


I actually have an History Book on My Family – not just names with dates!


You saved me **YEARS of time** that I would have spent trying to get this information – 🗓

---and I never would have been able to get it in this format.


This has FAR EXCEEDED my expectations!



This is a TREASURE that will be copied off and given to generations to come!


I can’t say THANKS enough!""


Carolyn Coughlin

Chester, Pennsylvania


*** *** ***

If you would like a *5-STAR


"Family History e-Booklet"


on your ancestry,

call Sandra Ashton at


Family Tree Specialist



to begin…


It’s EASIER & LESS Expensive than you think – ➖💲


Just tell us what you know &

we'll tell you the rest!


There is a






(908) 414-1850 EST

Donnell's Story:

“”….First I joined a few search sites but it was thoroughly confusing

and I felt like I just

wasted a couple of

$$~hundred dollars~$$ and several months of my time. **

I have

**No Regrets**

on the money I paid to Sandra.

I wish I saw her ad **first**

before I wasted my time and money trying to do it myself.

I didn’t think I could afford a Professional but I saw the ad for an

“Affordable Professional Genealogist”

and thought I’d call.

Sandra was awesome!

I decided to hire her right then and the process went so smoothly.

She was able to untangle some messes which I later clarified through DNA matches.

She gave me small details which made it possible for me to imagine my ancestor’s lives.

It really made it come alive.

Don’t wait if you are thinking about using her services.

Just do it and save yourself time, aggravation and money!”””


If *YOU* would like a *5-STAR Family Tree Experience like Donnell Reach Out to Family Tree Specialist LLC today


Continue reading more Success Stories below or CONTACT US RIGHT NOW!

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Nicole Lee *****5-STAR GOOGLE Review

I hired Sandra to put together information on my grandma's family tree and she did not disappoint! 

She found the most amazing details about my ancestors that really painted a cool picture about what they might have been like. 

Sandra was a pleasure to work with and absolutely more than fair with her pricing. I look forward to hiring her again one day for the other directions of my tree! 

*I cannot recommend her enough.


From Susan R *****5-STAR GOOGLE Review

Sandra Ashton researched & created a fascinating story of my family history, full of details, documents, & a story that would make anyone joyful to discover!- She is a friendly, extremely helpful person with the research skills to match. I also loved the beautiful format she created. -- 

*Very, very highly recommend!  


Matt Smith   *****5-STAR GOOGLE Review

Hiring a professional genealogist is an excellent way to discover your family roots. If you encounter a challenging research problem, if you lack skills or the time to research, you will benefit from the assistance of an experienced professional. 

Sandra Ashton of Family Tree Specialist is just that person. We hired her to help with a family tree and genealogy book we were seeking to give my 80 year old father. Sandra was patient and knowledgeable with us. 

She went above and beyond in her research and final report. 

The booklet we received far exceeded our expectations and is simply wonderful. 

The cost was very reasonable.

*We truly can not recommend her genealogy services highly enough



***** 5 Star Google Review - 

Betsy Chapman - 2021

I was curious to find out when my ancestors came over to the US and from where. Sandra did such an amazing job and had such luck filling in my family tree in the 8 hours that I paid for and she only had time to look at one branch of my tree.

I was so happy with the report she gave me and the work she did that I decided to hire her again to look into the other side of my family tree.

She's super easy to work with and gets just as excited about what she finds for you as you will!

*I cannot recommend this website enough!


Get YOUR 5-Star Tree Today!

"It was my great fortune to commission Sandra Ashton to do some research on my family. On my own, I was only able to go back to my great grandparents on my mother's side. I was absolutely thrilled when Ms. Ashton's research took that branch of my family tree back to the early 1600's,... continued below

Brothers from Lithuania Raised by Single Mother

What's YOUR Family's Story?



 Contact us TODAY!

(Regular rate - $47 hour)

email us at  [email protected]

                                                 We accept all Major Credit Cards, Checks/Money Orders, VENMO, Zelle, and PayPal.                                                                               See LETS GET STARTED Page (mid-way down)

Receive a  FREE Consultation

(908) 414-1850

If you have questions on How it Works, or just want to discuss your options - 

Contact Us TODAY

Use this CONTACT US Form or Call.

Sandra is always happy to discuss YOUR family!  

(Remember to leave your TIME ZONE & Convenient times to call you)

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Sandra Ashton, IAPCC Certified Genealogist

Proud Member of APGEN

(Association of Professional Genealogists) 

Affordable  Professional Genealogist 

Ancestry Family History Research

Family Tree Specialist

Over 34+ Years Experience 





908-414-1850 EST

One died in a soccer match...

What's YOUR Family's Story?

Even if you are just curious and want to discuss your options, contact me.

I'm always willing to help someone discover their roots.

Don't Delay! Start Climbing Your Tree T O D A Y 

[email protected]

Success Stories

* "It was my great fortune to commission Sandra Ashton to do some research on my family. On my own, I was only able to go back to my great grandparents on my mother's side. 

I was absolutely thrilled when Ms. Ashton's research took that branch of my family tree back to the early 1600's, an ancestor landing in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621 on the "Fortune" - the first ship to land at Plymouth after the Mayflower, an ancestor who served in the Revolutionary War, etc.


Her research is thorough, professional and affordable and

* I recommend her highly."

Dr. G

(Psychologist in Arizona)


"I was searching for an affordable genealogist when I came across Sandra Ashton's research service. This was an excellent find for me, as she was able to trace my grandmother's side in which I had been hitting many brickwalls for years.

She provided me with many generations of ancestors, along with backup documentation. I am so grateful for her efforts and her rates are so reasonable. 

*She gets my highest recommendations!" M. Mason, NJ


* "I couldn't believe it when you showed me how I descended from William Brewster of the MAYFLOWER! - my kids were so proud to tell their classmates and my oldest girl got extra credit in history for writing a report about him!" 

* I would refer any friend to use your service." E. K., Westfield, NJ                                                                                                             more below

The baby went on to have 11 babies...

What's YOUR Family's Story?

Another Satisfied Client

* "I still have tears in my eyes when I look at the papers you sent. To hold a copy of the Census report where my grandmother was listed as a 9 year old child chokes me up. To think that she was sitting in the room that very day as the Census Taker came to their home - to envision what she may have looked like, and what she was doing. Even though the handwriting is poor, I can still make out her name, age, and 'at school.' Thanks for including that." Pat B., Edison, NJ

Were there any Military members in Your family?

Let's find out TODAY!

"My father's sister started tracing our Family Tree a couple of years ago. She could not believe how expensive it was and how much of her time it was taking. She abandoned the project after about 9 months - then we contacted you. I can't believe how quick you found the information. We very much appreciate your efforts and the fact that we now go back 6 generations on my paternal great grandmother. Thanks for the documentation too. Even though it's hard to read, I appreciate having it. Your work was great ..." 

Anna L.S. Linden, NJ


“Sandra Ashton has been remarkably fast and inexpensive in her search of my family’s genealogy. I have tried to trace the family tree myself for over twenty years without much success, and she provided me with ten generations of ancestors in only a few weeks time.

It has been a fascinating historical experience for our family and we are deeply grateful for her

*professionalism and help.” Lea B. Washington D.C.


A BIG Thank You, Sandra! You allowed us to give my in-laws the most

meaningful 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift! 

They LOVED their Family Trees! 

Thanks so much for the 'rush-job' and getting it done in time for the party. You really made it look so nice and putting it in the binder as an 'extra' really helped make it look like a nice gift. 

We are all so pleased with your service, your inexpensive rates, and professionalism. We will be contacting you in the future for more work. Jackie P., Washington


Ancestry Researcher

Couldn't Believe the Detail!

*I am so happy to have found Sandra's service! I struggled for months trying to find out my ancestry and although I was able to go back a couple of generations, I hit a brick wall because I just wasn't sure if I was getting the right people. It's so easy to "go down the wrong path" so to speak if you are new to this. Not to mention the hours of work involved. 

When I found Sandra's service, I jumped at the offer she had going at the time. 

She found so much information and found it very quickly. She sent me a huge pile of documentation as well. 

Sandra was able to go way back into the 1700's to find many ancestors, something that would have taken me months and months, if ever, as I was hitting a brick wall on my maternal side. 

I have recommended Sandra's services to several people.

*I highly recommend her!

Michelle S., WY

Sandra Ashton - Professional Genealogist - Family Tree Ancestry Genealogy Specialist

[email protected]

Genealogy & Family History Researcher 


**While I have had very many great successes, there is never a guarantee that your particular ancestors can be found. Census takers sometimes missed people, courthouses were burned, and in some areas, records were just not kept. I will do my best to find out what I can about your Family Tree. However, research into your Tree is based on hours worked and payment is due regardless. You will find my rates extremely reasonable (SEE SPECIAL)  (Excessive print-outs, copies, & postage are extra)



[email protected]

Click Here to Call NOW - 908-414-1850




*READ OUR  *B L O G* &

Receive FREE Tote-Bag! -

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If you've come this far and Like what You've read, reach out to me with any questions.  I'm always happy to chat with you about your Family Tree.    If you want to be called, please be sure to leave your TIME ZONE and which time of day works for you.


If you do not hear back from  me within 48 Hours - PLEASE - email me or call:  [email protected]  or            (908) 414-1850.  Sometimes this CONTACT form is tricky and I don't get all messages.


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